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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WW Wednesday

I am feeling really good today on "Weight Watchers Wednesday." 
I was really obnoxious super happy at the scale today and even hugged Neighbor Melissa and the lady who weighed me in.
I might have even mentioned the desire for a victory lap.
Oh yes, yes I did.  (I told you I was obnoxious.)

What can I say?  Like I've said before, if I'm going to hold my head high on the bad weeks you better believe I'm going to revel in the great ones.  :) 
But I'll be the first one to congratulate someone else, too.  I try to never hold in a congratulation or compliment.  Why would I?

Anyway, I had a week of responsible food choices, even with a date night out at Longhorn and a movie on Saturday.

So, lesson learned this week:  I'm so glad I learned to love SHRIMP!  It's such a lean power food and I've had it grilled with a side of grilled pineapple (love) a couple times in the last week.  It's definitely worth it to retry those foods you found gross as a child.

Goal for the upcoming week:  Enjoy BigBoy birthday cake only at his party on Saturday.  It's okay to splurge a little on special occasions, but I don't have to milk that special occasion for days afterwards.

P.S. We never even tasted the carrots I added to the spaghetti sauce last week.  I only added 2/3 cup for this first time, but I'm going to double that next time.  Give it a try!


Daddy said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work! You look great and it makes it a lot easier to chase after the kids when you've lost weight. Enjoy Jacob's birthday party and tell him Gramps and Granny would really like to be there. Give him a big hug from us!
Love you all!

Cayce said...

Thank you!
I'll tell him!

peyton said...

Is there anything people can bring Saturday to lighten the culinary load? :D