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Friday, June 17, 2011

Today I conquered a fear.

I attended a group fitness class at the gym.
(Well, Monday I attended a class but it was a lot like the Tae Bo tape I used in highschool, so I don't fully count that as something new.) 

Today was a more aerobics-like class.  Exactly the type I had been intimidated by for years.
 Fit young women, spandexy outfits, a super-muscular instructor, and an hour-long workout -- just the scene to scare away a busty chubby brunette whose abs are buried under years of chocolate and dust.

But I walked in, neighbor Kelly at my side, and surprisingly walked out an hour later on my own two feet -- not wheeled out on a gurney with cartoon stars and birdies circling over my head.
No I didn't get all the moves right, but neither did half the people in there.

I won't be the next Richard Simmons, although I do resemble him more than Jane Fonda right now, but today was a real example of my health benefits from shedding extra weight.

There might be a lot of things I should be afraid of in this world, but a silly aerobics class is no longer one of them. 
Makes me wonder how many other "fears" I have are silly.

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