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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Rapunzel

Yes, Rapunzel is a hamster. A "long haired" female hamster, hence her name.
Much more appropriate than "Bumblebee," wouldn't you say?

Being a complete scaredy cat of all things rodent and rodent-like, I was not super-thrilled about the idea of a hamster.
But we wanted a pet for BigBoy.  (NOT BabyCakes.  This girl better run when that deceivingly-adorable brute comes around!)
Just like froggy last year, I had to get over my own stupid fears so as not to scar my children.

I have to say, I love this hamster.  She is a sweetie and very good around squirmy children.

Taking her pic in her ball was hard but I got some video.

The video is around 5 minutes and contains some footage of me (looking ohsoglamorous) talking to BigBoy at the end, so I'd only recommend it for people really interested in some Davis normalcy (aka grandparents) and/or very bored people.

Email recipients, you have to jump over to my blog to see it.


Gramps said...

I had a pet hamster, Fluffy, when I was about Jacob's age. Had him for quite a while and then he went missing. We found him years later in an old crock jar. Oh, the fond memories!! (which were totally destroyed when you find the skeleton of your pet years later.) Aren't you glad I shared?! Enjoy your pet mouse :) Love you guys!

Cayce said...

Thank you for that horrifying story.
Images of hamster skeletons will now haunt my dreams.