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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sandcastles and Surfer Babies

Last weekend we went to the Outer Banks for a little weekend getaway.

J's aunt, uncle, and cousins live in the OBX and we always enjoy our visits with them.

This time Brent's girlfriend Fay (Faye? Doesn't matter because I call her Ivy. Don't you think she looks like an Ivy?) was there and we got to meet her.
She's 7 feet tall (really only 5'9 or 5'10 but compared to me it might as well be 7'0) and plays the fiddle in several bands.
Really cool girl. Like, put a ring on the finger, Brent!

The guys built sand castles with BigBoy while BabyCakes pulled us deeper and deeper into the ocean.
She is annoyed in this pic because she isn't in the water.
For 3 hours she was barely on dry land. NO fear in that girl... she'll be our little surfer baby.

J and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last week. Saturday night we had a nice dinner alone and then went to a movie.
His family has always been so wonderful about encouraging us to have time alone when we come to visit. When BigBoy was a baby it was the ONLY way we ever had a break.

Can't you tell Aunt Penny hates spending time with the children?

BigBoy and BabyCakes got their hair and eye color from J's side of the family. (Scroll to the top pic again.)

Their fair skin is from me.

But the sweetness is 100% their own.


A Bunch of Hicks said...

ok I have a couple of things to say about this!! ;-)

1. I am completely and utterly jealous that you live close enough to the beach for weekend trips!!

2. I love your hair. Please tell me what you do, I feel I might need to embrace my curly q's in my older age. I do not have time to blow dry and straighten!

And most importantly 3!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I am so glad you got to spend a night just the 2 of you. I SO know how you feel about not ever getting to do that!! You look amazing in the pics btw!! And those kiddos are too too cute!!


Cayce said...

1. I wish we got to make more weekend trips to the beach! The part of the story I didn't mention was that we got a flat tire on the way there, and BabyCakes fussed most of the way there AND back. Three and a half hours (not counting the whole flat-tire-stranded-at-Sam's-while-they-replace-it-episode) of that is not fun. Looking forward to her getting better in the car!
2. Thank you. :) I have naturally curly hair in layers and it's longer than it's been in 10 years! I just use some curl cream, a little gel, let it dry a bit (30 min or so), then blow dry with a diffuser for a couple minutes. Easy-peasy.
3. Thank you!!! How long have you and Brandon been married? You've been together forever!

A Bunch of Hicks said...

Audrey was Horrible in the car but has gotten so so much better. So hopefully BC will too! And that stinks about the flat tire. Things like that never make for a good trip or happy kiddos!
Layers... I did that once maybe I should try it again. When it is like that I can only wear it curly though. I have naturally curly hair, or as I like to call it, nappy wavy in some place straight in others, mess!
Brandon and will be married 9 years in July and yes we have been together forever. Since early 1997. :-)