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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transformers 5th Birthday

As predicted, I took very few photos at BigBoy's Transformers 5th Birthday party. Imagine red, blue, and yellow streamers everywhere, and mylar balloons too.

Outside we had 3 Transformers pinatas.
I was disappointed at the pinatas because you don't get to whack them with a baseball bat anymore. They come with strings that you pull and then one of them is supposed to be the string that breaks the candy/toys loose.  What kind of communist crap is that?!  It's the ONE time when as a kid you are handed a stick and told to beat the heck out of something!
Anyway, there were strings to pull to release the candy (oooh how fun).

Well, that never worked.
(that's our sweet Biz giving it a go)

All 3 had to be ripped open. (I knew that plan was junk.)

The kids had yellow (for Bumblebee, one of BigBoy's favorite Transformers, of course) bags to scoop their candy and small toys into.

Didn't BabyCakes look too cuuuute in her Transformers dress custom-made by Grandma Shelley?
She was all over the place for the duration of the party. Luckily neighbor Stacy and her daughter Kelsey were enjoying chasing her. :) Or at least they lied and told me they were enjoying it. :)

All the kids got to take home a small Transformer from a pinata.
I'm thinking Biz' princesses are going to have a funny-looking prince now. :)

There was yellow cake with chocolate icing and lots of cupcakes. BigBoy's favorite!
(I didn't achieve my goal of only enjoying cake at the party, btw.  Who saw that coming?  I know, everyone, right?)

It was a great way to celebrate our BigBoy turning


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Gramps said...

Looks like a great party for Big Boy! I sure wish that me and Granny could have been there. It sucks to miss the special occasions like this, but we'll take what we can. Give Jacob a big hug and tell him we love him! You can give one to Katie, too.:) I see some new pictures I need to have that's in your blog. Love you all!!