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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WW Wednesday

I know that it has been a whole week around here without blog posts, but I am naturally back today for WW Wednesday.
Last week I said my goal was to eat breakfast and track every day. Simple as that.
Well I did what I said I would do and it paid off with a nice loss at the scale today.
I'm still clawing my way back from a couple gains I had in previous weeks, but I'm actually trying again and it is paying off.

(Gramps insists on grandchildren pics so here's one of BigBoy with his First Birthday strawberry cupcake. His 5th is rapidly approaching and I have three Transformers pinatas to prove it!)

In the spirit of healthier eating, I'm going to tweak my spaghetti recipe tonight by adding pureed carrots to the sauce.
Of course, BigBoy still won't eat sauce but because I myself am such a child when it comes to eating healthy vegetables (who can hate a potato?), I'm going to try to trick myself.
Whole wheat spaghetti, jarred sauce, ground turkey, mushrooms in J's (yucky... I told you I'm a child about food) and pureed carrots. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh and Neighbor Stacy passed along this "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld for me to try. (Gotta love a gal with a ponytail and a sense of humor! She's married to Jerry Seinfeld.)
Stacy's an old pro at hiding veggies in food. She even puts kale in brownies!

Lesson learned this week: I really do feel better all day and make better food choices all day when I eat breakfast.

Goal for the week: Maintain tracking and breakfast-eating, and sneak in veggies to at least 3 meals extra.


Hemraj said...
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Amber Lee said...

Hey... I've missed you this week!

Good job on your goal, I'm proud of you :)
FWIW, I have Deceptively Delicious and I LOVE it. I should use it more often than I do, but when I have- I have been thoroughly impressed (with myself for some reason, even though I know good and well none of it was my idea.) Oh, well. Let me know how it goes....

Cayce said...

Thanks Amber! Yeah, I need to do better with the veggies...