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Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby(Cakes) Alive

Earlier this week we received a package in the mail from Grandparents. It contained BigBoy birthday presents, handmade pillowcase dresses from Grandma, and this:

The doll bounces up and down and makes baby noises!  It is soooo cute because we have our own little "Baby Alive" in our house.  She even has curly blonde hair (although it's looking a little darker in this pic) and blue eyes. 

She LOVES to bounce.  Remember this video I shared?  I think someone saw the video and then made the doll.  She even has in a bow and everyone ("everyone" as in the 3 people who read this blaaaahg) knows I love me some hair bows.  Upon further inspection, the crib is the same color of BabyCakes' nursery walls. too.

So, yes Papa, the baby doll is really cute.

But not as cute as the original.  :)


Gramps said...

That is just too cute!!! How appropriate that they made a doll version of Babycakes. She is a living doll. Give both the kids a big hug from Gramps. Wish we could be there for the birthday party.
Love ya'll!!!

Melissa said...

That is awesome! BC deserves some royalties or something - totally looks like her :)

Cayce said...

I know, right!? I need to post the video I took of the doll so you can see it bouncing in the crib. It's a little weird how much it reminds me of BabyCakes, actually.

shelley said...

Glad you liked it. We did! BTW, those are not BigBoy's b-day presents. Those will be mailed tomorrow or Tues.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

This is adorable :) haha