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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Year in the Hood

The MotherHood, anyway.

This time last year I shared with you some things I learned about being a mother in the first 4 years of my job.
It's still one of my favorite posts. Let's see if I can add to it after another year of momhood, shall we?

First off, apparently you're never too young to be embarrassed by your mother.
I have gotten the looks of:
"You're a dork",

"Stop, Mom, you're embarrassing me!"

and my favorite, "I am way too cool for this."

repeatedly from my my not-yet-18-month-old daughter.

You're also never too old to be embarrassed by your mother.
This is the phone in my parents' living room. Seriously, mama?

The old rotary phone (that you never got rid of) is back?

And also, I should worry less about taming cowlicks

and wild hair,

and worry more about embracing them.

That's all I have time to add to my list today.

My two disgusting creatures precious angels need their mama...
even if she does embarrass them already.

(Of course, I don't think these pictures really help my case any.)


Jana said...

In the words of Audrey in reference to the first pic, "Look at her cazy (crazy) hair. She is the cutest ever!"
I couldn't have said it better myself, Babycakes is so so cute!

Cayce said...

HA! You girls are too sweet! Happy Mothers Day, Jana!

Kelly Jo said...

I love the wild hair and cowlicks - your kids look adoreable as always! That phone is cracking me up because my mom had the same thing only in tan. At least your mom's is white. Trust me - tan is worse.