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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WW Wednesday

Today at WW I was feeling pretty good.  I didn't expect a gain at the scale but I wasn't sure about a loss, either.  I tracked my points (food) last week but spent 3 days out of town eating high-point foods that I didn't track but I did semi-plan-for.  My best guess was that I would have a minor loss.

And I was right.

I had a minor loss but it was a loss all the same.

Today at WW we talked about eating breakfast.  We all know we should eat breakfast.  It's not a secret that we will feel better and make better food choices throughout the entire day if we consume a reasonable breakfast.

Lesson learned this week:  Once again I learned that even when I hit a low point in this journey, it's really only that -- a low point.  All my efforts have not been lost.  I am not a different person.  I haven't failed anyone.  It is possible to just pick back up where you left off and march ahead. 
Every time it gets easier, especially when  you aren't doing it alone.  :)

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Goals for this week:  Eat breakfast every morning.  Track every day.  Simple as that.  See the results in one week.

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Melissa said...

Love it! BC pics are a bonus, but I am with you on the goals for this week :)