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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mr. T has my back.

As I told you last week, we spent the week preceding Easter visiting family and friends in Tennessee and Kentucky.
One night at my parent's house, I was looking for a bar of soap in the bathroom cabinets when I found this little guy lurking in the shadows.

"Why, is that?! Oh yes it is!" I had discovered my very first lunch box.

Mr. T, bay-bay!
(Doesn't it scream "little girl" to you? No? I'm the only one?)

When I opened it, I found a solid mass of old barrettes, sponge rollers, pins, and random 80's accessories. A side-ponytail-inducing fruitcake, of sorts.
(Why was the splatter-paint look ever so popular?)

I loved that I found some old barrettes, though. As I've mentioned before, I may have a slight hair bow addiction. I thought it might be nice to shake up BabyCakes hair accessory world with some vintage (Yes, they are considered vintage. Depressing, right?) hair barrettes.

What can I say? I'm going to put duck-shaped barrettes and colorful bows in BabyCakes' hair as long as possible.

And I pity the fool that tries to stop me.

Ok, that was corny even for me.

And now, in all his 80's glory, I present Mr. T himself to you in his rendition of "Treat Your Mother Right." Maybe you can keep his advice in mind for the fast-approaching Mother's Day. :)


Amber Lee said...

haha. FUN!!
I totally wish I could find barrettes like that.

Rachel said...


Cayce said...

LOL, I took it too far with the video.

A Bunch of Hicks said...

I love those little barrettes. :-)