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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Race

Hi there! I wanted to take a quick second to wish some special ladies in my life good luck in their races tomorrow...

Neighbor Melissa just recently started running for the first time in her life and tomorrow she is participating in a local 5k! She's come so far so quickly.

My old friend (old only in years of friendship, not years on earth ;) ) Casey is running in the Music City Half-Marathon in Nashville.
(She's wearing blue in both pics.)

This is her first half-marathon and she's been training for a couple few months. I am sooo very proud of her! Every week when I call her after my Wednesday weigh-in, she updates me on her progress.
(Oh and Casey, you're welcome for this picture of you and your disgustingly flat stomach.)

Aunt Sally is also running walking hoping to complete and not be mistaken for a sanitation worker at the end of the Music City Half-Marathon. :)

She's really new to the whole half-marathon business. You have to start somewhere, though!
This is the closest I'll ever get to anything marathon-related:

Yes, that is a chocolatey-caramely Marathon bar that I'm not even sure they make anymore.

Anyway ladies (and to anyone else out there who has a goal they are trying to reach),
whether your race looks like this:

Or this:

Remember, it's the finish line that matters.

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