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Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Daaay! (Come on, sing with me now!)
Oh Happy Daa-aay!!

Is it bad that this song reminds me more of "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" than church?
Either way, I'm feelin it.
Know why? Lots of reasons, but most importantly, I actually ATE today!
No mashed potatoes that I promise taste no better when it is all you can eat, no smoothies, no oatmeal.
Real live people food.
Finally the pain is subsiding. I swear my recovery from childbirth was more pleasant than this weekend's wisdom teeth removal surgery. Blech.

Moving on...
Today we had the oh so fabulous Butler ladies over.

After that I priced some of my etsy items for shipping to Australia.

It killed me to miss a whole weekend of yard sales but I still have a lot to list anyway.

Last week I mailed a camera and binoculars to Singapore.

Crazy that I can't seem to keep a decent inventory, but who's complainin? I came home to take some more pics of items to list this week.

The little dude on the front of this vintage tool set cracks me up.

While I was out I realized how GOR-GEOUS this day is.


Seriously, big props to The Man Upstairs for weather like this.

Check the flowers around Neighbor James & Noah's mailbox.

I love how the purple spills over the curb. Every year they get fuller.

And last but not least, my sister is in labor with her second child today. Ha, I just realized this baby will be born on 4-4 like how BigBoy was born on 6-6. :)
Lots of stuff to be excited about!

Oh happy day!


elise said...

so happy you are having a good day! those flowers are beeeeautiful :O) it's chilly again here after a beautiful weekend- but i'll take what i can get!

Cayce said...

It's 83 here in Carolina!
The purple flowers are called Creeping Phlox and are apparently easy to care for.
Molly had the baby: 6lbs 11 oz and 19 in long!