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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WW Wednesday

Today the WW stands for Wisdom Wemoval instead of Weight Watchers.
(Sorry, Bugs here made me do it.)

"Do these wheels make my butt look big?"

Anyway, my wisdom teeth surgery (I promise this is the last time I will mention it.) definitely affected my weight-loss this week. A semi-starvation diet will do that.
So yeah, I had a nice loss.
It was satisfying to clear the last of what I had gained a couple weeks ago.

Lesson learned this week: I'm again reminded of how blessed I am to have more than enough food to survive on, enjoy, and even indulge in. One week of eating small amounts of healthy (mostly) food is still so much more than millions and millions of adults and CHILDREN can count on. Having any choices at all about what I eat is a luxury.

Goal for this week: Adjust to the smaller portions I need to sustain/lose weight at my size. I'm not a thin woman but I'm a good amount smaller than I used to be.
A measurable goal? Intentionally serve myself less than what I think is a normal size for me, see how hungry I am after eating, and proceed as necessary.


Amber Lee said...

That's what I have to do too (put less on my plate than I think I need), I also have to eat SLOWLY (still working on this one). If not, I gobble it all up and tell myself I need more... and then 20 mins later I'm miserable because I've over-eaten.

Have you tried the salad plate trick? I use a salad plate for my dinner, small portions look a lot bigger on a small plate!

Cayce said...

Yes, I do that sometimes. I really should swap the location of where I keep my plates in my cabinet so that the salad plates are the easiest to reach.
Oh and yeah, thanks for the reminder to eat slowly. So often I mindlessly eat my lunch while watching TV and then it's gone in 5 minutes.