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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WW Wednesday

(Warning: This post is longer than normal on Wednesdays because it spans 2 weeks and actually includes pictures!)

In case you didn't notice, there was no "WW Wednesday" post last week. I was out of town and while I DID look for a meeting to attend, none of them were at convenient times. Truth be told, I could have made one of them work, but I had no fear of falling off the wagon from just one missed meeting so I opted to skip it.

I didn't make the healthiest food choices while we were gone. There may have been one or two at least a dozen chocolate oatmeal cookies involved, too. :)
Spread out over several days, though! Come on now! I NEVER get to eat these unless Alesia makes them for me while I'm in!
I was going to take a picture of them but that would have involved two hands and one hand almost always had a cookie in it.
Alright haters, judge all you want.

So, obviously I was NOT expecting a good weigh-in. In fact, I told Melissa before we walked in that was hoping to keep it to an under-3-pound gain for the 2 weeks, just for sanity's sake.
I didn't track any points while I was gone so I really had no clue but I KNEW it would be ugly.

Turns out I was wrong. :) I had a nice loss, in fact! Crazy, but true.
I even broke into the next "decade" of numbers. (See what I mean by that here.) Melissa, my weight-loss buddy, did too! It was a good weigh-in indeed!

So, lesson learned this past week (actually 2 weeks): I didn't miss the fries with my on-the-road burgers. Two weeks ago I told you my goal was to skip them while we were traveling. It really wasn't even that hard. Half the time they disappoint me, anyway.
I think the biggest thing I learned was to just be thankful for the good luck you get thrown every now and then. I didn't deserve a loss today but I got one anyway. I'm just going to take it and run!

Goal for this week: Start tracking again, dang it! I'm ready to roll through the next 10 pounds!

Now, because I promised my sister Sally I would, here are the photos of me that have been requested by several of you.
America's Next Top Model-style, baby!

You even get a peek at my flesh-colored lunch-lady bra. Saucy!

Haha. Right. That's SO me.
This is more like it. Mid-sentence, eyebrows like the lost sister of Bert & Ernie, and holding a wiggly child.

We're keepin it real here, folks.


Melissa said...

You look beautiful! Tyra would so love that first picture - the camera loves you!

Cayce said...

psh. dreckitude!
oh no. my secret guilty pleasure is showing like a trashy red thong.

Amber Lee said...

My faaavorite WW post to date! It's fahbulous- as are you :)

Cayce said...

Ha. My friend moon asked if I was on shrooms.

Alesia said...

I knew all along that chocolate oatmeal cookies were diet food!!! You looked great and I enjoyed our visit so much. Have a great week.

Cayce said...

Ha! Oh and I forgot about all that pizza I had with you. Wow, I have no CLUE how I lost weight that week. I loved seeing you, too, Granna! Oh and you are so in the dog house for not telling me you are having another grandSON.