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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WW Wednesday

First of all, as I look back over my last post I see that my goal was related to exercise. That deserves a big fat "HA!" for the week. BabyCakes did what toddlers do best and got the whole house sick -- and I used that as the perfect excuse not to bike.

Anyway, I had a loss on the scale today. Not big but I didn't deserve a big loss, either. I did get down to the next weight "range?" though. Let's say a weight range is a 10-lb span like a decade in time. Make sense? If I were thin I would say something like "I'm now in the 120's!" To say that right now, though, I'd have to preface it with "I had an arm and a leg amputated, and now I'm in the 120's!"
Haha... sigh.

Lesson learned this week: You get what you earn.

Goal for the week: Add more activity, period. Also, as much as I hate to talk numbers, I'd really like to hit that 40-lbs-lost mark. I'm tired of the 30's.

P.S. I made two more sales this morning on etsy!

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