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Friday, February 25, 2011

GoodWill Hunting

Last night I went to Goodwill hoping to pick up a pair of jeans in my new size.
Oh heck, I might as well say it cause y'all know I'm up there. It's a 12, okay?
Anyway, the jeans...
I never look at clothes at thrift stores because it is just too hard, frustrating, and mostly disappointing. They sort by gender and color. I mean, really. I know it's a lot easier for them but when you have a stroller-strapped toddler and an antsy little boy, that's just not something you're even going to attempt. I didn't want to invest a lot of cash in new pants that I would only wear a few months until summer, though, especially because I already have one pair of nice, good-fitting jeans.
So I left after BabyCakes went to bed and began my hunt. (J was of course home with BigBoy.)

Turns out it wasn't so bad. There just simply weren't any jeans in my size.

Ninety-nine percent of the hundreds of jeans I looked through were a size 8 and below.

Am I just that much bigger than everyone else? Or are the other sizes just more desired so they get snapped up more quickly? If the majority of Americans are overweight, I have a hard time believing that my community is 99% filled with women under a size 8.

What I ended up learning:

1. Way too many woman have held on to stonewashed jeans for way too long.

2. I never knew there were so many "designer" brands of jeans with rhinestones.

3. It just isn't worth it to me to dig for clothes. I will either wear my one pair I love or go to Target and buy one more pair for a decent price.

In the end I did get a pair of barely-touched Bandolino sandals for this summer and also a piece for my etsy shop, so it wasn't a total bust.

So yeah, I'll thrift with the best of 'em and dig for a "treasure" but stonewashed jeans circa Seinfeld are no treasure to me!


Amber Lee said...

I stopped in Goodwill on Sunday before a photoshoot bc I wanted something totally off the wall to wear, ha. It was so overwhelming! I kind of hated it (even though I did find the perfect dress ca 1986 :)

cayce said...

I could see where you would think it was overwhelming. Looking at pants was easy b/c I just looked for the tag and since nothing was in my size, that was it. :) I glanced at the shirts a bit and I , too, became quickly overwhelmed and annoyed.
So did you buy the 80s-licious dress? I'm thinking pictures are in order...