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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy Molars!

Today was supposed to be a peaceful day. The weather was "soupy" as my friend Melissa describes it. It was supposed to be a nice, peaceful day indoors enjoying quiet play and working on chores.

I've often mentioned how content a child BabyCakes usually is.

But then came the molars.

of them, to be exact.
Today she made her final transformation into a Toddlersaurus Rex.

(Funny, I think that's about the same number of teeth her tiny mouth has now. I mean the T-Rex, not the number 4. She has 12 teeth.)
No part of the house was safe.
BigBoy and I just tried to keep all the important things protected.

I really do feel horrible for her. It's so clear that she's miserable.
She's been inconsolable all day, except for a brief nap after lunch. Right now I am typing as fast as possible while I sacrifice yet another "Better Homes and Gardens" in the name of maintaining my blaaaahg. You should feel honored.

(The above photo was added Friday morning but I think her face says it all.)

Uh oh, time's up. She's moving on to the bathroom and there's nothing good that can come out of that.

*I am editing this to add that BabyCakes actually has SIX teeth coming in. I was checking her upper molars this morning (Friday) when I discovered her gums white and bulging where her canines will be. Poor thing...

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