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Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's my 2 cents, well 2 dollars, anyway

On a recent trip to Payless during their BOGO half off event, I found a pair of shoes (I'm trepidatiously trying wedges for the first time)I wanted and then headed toward the kids section to find my half-off item.
That's when I saw this cute purse. You see, I so rarely have the occasion to be in need of a bag not containing diapers, that I have to make those moments count. Somehow this led to a mini-collection of fun clutches. If I have no children, but MUST have a bag, it's going to at least be cute and small. This bag would be a little bigger than my others and I like the "vintagy look" my friend Melissa described it as having.

The price was right: marked down from $34 to $12 and then I would get half off that.
But there was a problem: It was "broken."
Two of the magnets that keep it closed had come out of their slots and stayed attached to the opposing magnet.

Luckily for me, an aloof male teen was manning the checkout and I told him "I was going to buy this but noticed it is broken." (I showed him the issue) He said "Oh, sorry about that," and went to put it behind the counter. When I said "Would you sell it for a reduced price?" he said "Sure, how's 2 bucks?"
Umm... Yes please! I bought BabyCakes a pair of shoes that would be half off and payed the $2 for my broken clutch.
I knew I had something at home that would fix it in 5 seconds flat.

Good as new, Gorilla Glue!

Lessons to be learned here: It doesn't always take much to make a situation a lot better. Also, it never hurts to ask. (politely, we are in the South now)


Gramps said...

A new $2 purse. You have truly proven you are your Mother's daughter. I've noticed all 3 of you girls never say "Look at my new purse". It's always "Look at my new purse that I just gave $2 for" It's always fun to find the bargain. As your Mother would say, "Well, that's just more money I can take a vacation with".

cayce said...

You mean not everyone introduces their new things that way? :)