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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BabyCakes is walking!

Last night before putting her to bed, J and I were playing with BabyCakes in the living room.
We were facing each other and one time when I stood her up in front of me, she took the 5 steps required to walk to Daddy! She did it several times after that. Each time walking to one of us and then we would lift her up high saying "Yay, BabyCakes!"
I don't have a picture and when I got out the video camera she didn't want to do it again. Until I put the camera down, that is. :)
I will include a little (very shaky) video of when I attempted to catch her walking on camera, though. Just because I rarely take video.
You'll notice that she only has one sock on. I told J to take the one sock off before I started recording and he said we should "keep it real." :)


Alesia said...

Aww. Sorry I have been so absent...just my life right now, but all is WELL!! Got to keep Isaiah for 8 hours Saturday, and that made my birthday compolete. I said "come give granna a hug" and he reached up his arms and gave me one...nothing more precious. Had everyone under one roof for the night, breakfast and lunch and then J & J took their ladies on a double date to movies and supper. They had fun. Isaiah is very well mannered and says so many things it is crazy. He had chanaged SO much since Christmas!! They will be back next weekend YEAH!!

Rachel said...

Awww - so exciting! I meant to ask you yesterday if she's walking yet. I knew it would be soon! Love it! Hope to see it for myself sometime soon.