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Monday, April 11, 2011

White Girls CAN Jump

The last time I shared a video on my blaaaaahg (yes, I still hate everything about this word) was during a plea for help.
It too featured a jumping BabyCakes but I wasn't quite so amused at the time.

I think the reasons I recorded her like this again are as follows:

1. Any other time she laughs and runs away from the camera. She's not much of a ham but in her crib she has no choice. Haha, gotcha now!

2. The grandparents love this sort of thing. This value can't be underestimated. Well, it can be when what amuses them is loud obnoxious toys. (Thank you for the crazy weird dinosaur, Papa. I'm thinking of making it sleep in the coat closet tonight. I swear it's watching me and I have no goats to feed it.)

3. She's pretty darn cute with her post-nap hair and toothy smile. If I tried jumping Jane Fonda-style in her bed like that, it would result in a room full of 10,000 white splinters. Maybe I should put same baby spandex and leg warmers on her. She could work that look, diaper and all.
Fitness apparel for babies and toddlers -- it's the next big thing!

4. I think we can all use a little jumping BabyCakes in our lives. She represents how it feels to have a GUARANTEED guilt-free hours-long nap every day, only to wake up to someone who will greet you with kisses and serve you food specifically prepared to your demands in a partially food-encrusted highchair throne of your own.
I ask you, who wouldn't have a little bounce in their step?

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Amber Lee said...

You are absolutely right! Everybody needs a little BabyCakes in their life! :)

Cute dress, cuter baby.

Cayce said...

:) thanks. And yeah, I thought of it as a public service. :)

Jana said...

Oh My GOODNESS!! She is so stinkin' cute!!

Melissa said...


Cayce said...

Yes, most of the time she is literally "stinkin cute." :)

Cayce said...

As in stinky, stinky. A refined lady, she is not. :)