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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fluff 'n' Stuff

Ok, let's lighten this blaaaaahg up a bit with a little fluff.
Hair fluff of babies, to be exact.

During my recent TN visit, I saw a framed photo of me as a child when I was approximately 18 months old, a few months older than BabyCakes in this pic.

Now, I know she's blonde, blue-eyed, and well another person and all, but can I get a shout-out from someone that thinks I might have possibly found a segment of one of my children that maybe looks a tad like their mother?

Their Mother
-- that not-so-easy bake oven that cooked those crusty/sticky creatures for a year and a half total, only to find out that that the cooking was indeed the easy part and she would never again drink an entire bottle of water away from home for fear that her now laughable bladder would not contain its contents during the rush to the Target restroom?
The woman who once sacrificed her own socks -- in the Winter no less-- to clean the Chernobyl of diaper disasters in the back of the car?
The woman whose mouth you (BabyCakes) vomited in when she was going in for a kiss?

Come on, give a mutha somethin!


Melissa said...

Wow! She looks exactly like you - what adorable pics of you and BC. BTW, glad I'm not the only one who has inadvertently gotten baby puke in my mouth :D

elise said...

she does look like you!! so much!! i never get credit for the kids looking like me either- even though they do! whatev. we know what's up.

Cayce said...

I know, right?!! Thank you, sweet barfed-upon women of righteousness! :)