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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Eve Walk

Today the weather was beautiful so we took a long walk around the neighborhood with the children.

(Blue skies but no blooms -- don't worry, Cayce, they will be here before you know it.)

BabyCakes must have been afraid of the paparazzi when we left the house -- she couldn't leave without her shades and cell.  
You think I kid but this is really how she pranced through the neighborhood.

 Do you hear what I hear see what I see?

That's right, DEflated holiday inflatables.*

I may have mentioned a time or two that I don't care for this type of seasonal lawn ornamentation.

Now that Christmas is over they can take their place in the Christmas bin under the tangled lights. 
HoHoHo HaHaHa, enjoy your eleven-month burial, Mr. 9-feet-tall-Snowglobe!

Ok, I have to go.  BabyCakes just texted me that she has a poopy diaper.

*I should mention that my children LOVE inflatables!  Of course they do.  They are fun and whimsical. I still want to drive my mid-size vehicle through one, though.


Alesia said...

I am with you on the inflatables!! Don't get it!! :) And BTW, Christmas is over, so take down the decorations already!! :) What I love about the naked trees is the awesome backdrop it makes for red/pink/orange splashed sunsets!! That is what they are good for. come on Spring!

Cayce said...

Alesia, I never see sunsets! I'm usually in the kitchen around that time or, in the summer, putting kids to bed. "Come on Spring," is right!