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Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree...

Yesterday we put away the Christmas decorations.  Here's where the tree used to live:

Ahhh, much better.  I feel like I lost ten pounds.
(At least something made me feel like I lost ten pounds because it certainly hasn't been that bitchy scale lately.)

I'm ready for Spring!

J informed me yesterday that it is not yet Spring like I wish to think, but instead just became Winter.
I thought that comment was totally unnecessary.
"Winter-shminter!", that's what I have to say about that.
(WHERE THE CRAP DO YOU PUT COMMAS WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH QUOTATION MARKS????!!!  I can never remember.  Is there a 4th grade English teacher in the house?)

Last year I told you how much I dread the gray days of this season so this year I plan to just skip over it completely.

I am going to embrace the colors I've surrounded myself with and move on to cleaning and organizing this place.

On a different note, today BabyCakes is wearing what might be my favorite pillowcase dress from Grandma yet.  I bought this dino fabric to make a curtain for BigBoy's room but decided it was a little babyish for the long run so I gave it and a ribbon to her and asked her if she could work her magic.

She made this dress for BabyCakes and adorable pajamas for BigBoy (I'll try to get a picture).

I love that it is unconventional subject matter for a girls print and the red/orange/teal/lime colors are awesome.

Ok, back to the cleaning.  I'm teaching BabyCakes and BigBoy how to clean the baseboards.  

Hehe, they're so lucky I'm their mom.


Rachel said...

love love love these pictures!

Cayce said...

:) thanks! Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow!