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Friday, December 30, 2011

So Fresh So Clean

It's no secret that I love Spring
The past two years (wow, I am coming up on two years blaaahging!) I have heralded its arrival with 10 choirs of angels.  Maybe not explicitly, but it was pretty clear in my posts that I was happy to see the season arrive.

There are a few things I do to keep things fresh and happy around here when the days aren't so "fresh and happy" outside.

First thing every morning I open all the blinds throughout the house.  Let in the light!

Next I try to keep surfaces cleared.  Notice I say "cleared" and not "clean."  
I hate seeing junk on counters, vanities, etc.  It needs to find it's home or get put in a pile that I will take care of later be dealt with.  I'm not always good at this one but I am actively striving to do better with organization.

Here are some examples of how I try to keep it "Springy" up in this joint:

Sheer curtains in the bedroom allowing for lots of natural light.

Tasty and pretty citrus fruit in the dining room/ middle of the house.

Plants (I can't kill) tucked away on bookshelves...

and in the kitchen.

Have friends over...

as much as possible.

Enjoy a perk of the current season.

And in between all the cleaning and organizing...



Alesia said...

I too await Spring with anticipation...not a big fan of gray and long, dark nights! Seems once January is behind us, then we are headed toward Spring much faster :)

Cayce said...

Alesia, what day is your birthday this month?

Kelly Jo said...

Your house does look so fresh and so clean clean! I seriously started singing "Ain't nobody dope as me" when I read your title so this post brought a smile to my face in more than one way. HAHA! I must steal some of these tips because winter always seems so drab and boring to me - but you make it look great!