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Friday, December 9, 2011

WW Wednesday: 5 Minute Edition

Wednesday was the last day of the 20 in 20 Challenge.
Did I lose 20?  No.
Did I continue on my joooourney for 20 weeks? Yes.

The rest of the 20 will come off eventually.
Lesson learned: When it comes to something so personal for me, a hardcore challenge doesn't quite work.  I have to just be the tortoise in this race and keep pluggin along.

I had the BEST birthday weekend ever!  My family was super-sweet to me the whole weekend.  I was treated like a queen Friday through Sunday and enjoyed every bit of it.  :)

I had a fantastic time out with my friends on Saturday!  I would give more details but I don't want to.  :)

All in all it feels great to be 30.  Thank you to everyone who has sent birthday wishes!  It has been a crazy/great year and I look forward to the next 30!

XOXO ~ Cayce


Alesia said...

SO proud of you and your weight loss journey. Lifestyle change is what you have done and that is the only answer!! Love you


Cayce said...

Thank you so much, Alesia!
I'm trying. The holidays have definitely been tougher than other times of the year but I'm still here. :)
Love you too...