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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WW Wednesday

Oookaaaay just putting this out there before bed to get it over with.

Yep, I was up at the scale this week.  I bet you were too if you stepped on it. ;)
I enjoyed every single bite (of chocolate) of that gain, too.

Moving forward-- you know the drill.

Start over.

Move more.

I am going to move past this plateau and finish the "losing" phase of this jooooourney.


Amber Lee said...

No need to get on a scale when you can't button your pants! Ugh.

Alesia said...

Love, love, love the outfit on Katie!! It is adorable, as is she!

Wedding week, here we come! :) SO happy for my kids!

Cayce said...

Amber, I knew it was oing to be ugly because my loose jeans weren't so loose anymore. :/

Alesia, I know! Don't you love it? SOOO excited for Jordan and Shannon! (And you and James, too. :) )