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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Putting the "Cake" in "BabyCakes"

Tuesday we had a family celebration for BabyCake's 2nd Birthday.  Her real party will be on New Year's Day. (Hey, you try planning a Christmas baby's party!)
We had store-bought cupcakes I lined up like a "K" for her name.  

(It was evening when I took these pics, so sorry about the quality.)

She didn't even get her new purple tricycle because it was cold and dark outside.
Poor neglected child...

She did open a present from papa and grandma and now she's lugging around a sock monkey ballerina everywhere.  :)

  I think she had a good birthday.

These quick dusk (bad lighting) pics capture who she is at 2 right now (in an adorable dress grandma made).

But I can't wait to take her  Little June photos in the dress Melissa made her!

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