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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little June

If you read my blog last week you saw my Happy Birthday post for BigBoy. I take a picture of him every year on his birthday (ok, at least the same summer) sitting on top of his personalized toy chest.
I had been wondering what I was going to to do for BabyCakes like this and the only thing I could think of was her wearing my veil but it seemed a little cheesy and forced. One of my friends was saying "what do you have that is sentimental you could use?" when I thought of my pearls.
J's mom and dad gave them to me when we got married. They used to call me "June" when I would wear them. :)

I think it would be so precious to take BabyCakes' photo wearing the pearls every year on her birthday, and then present them to her on her highschool graduation. I doubt she will indulge my yearly necklace shoots past 18. :)

Here she is close to her Half Birthday (it will be on the 20th). I'm going to try for more at another time with better lighting, but some came out just fine.

"Little June" couldn't be any sweeter.


Jana said...

Little June is more than sweet, that is BEAUTIFUL!!! That first picture is one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

amberlee said...

They turned out GREAT! Yep, we did good. Stick with it! Love the last one... she'll probably never be in that position when you take them again :)

ETA: verification word- perferly... just like K's pics :) They're perferly!

cayce said...

yes, thank you for your help, amber! The last pic is J's favorite, too. :)

Alesia said...

Love the pearls idea. Love that you are sentimental! My fav is the first one. She has georgeous eyes!!!! I see we are here at the same time making comments :)