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Sunday, June 6, 2010

BabyCakes Chair

You might remember this yard sale find of mine from over a month ago. I thought this project would be completed quickly but other things with higher priority got in the way.

Here is the final result! I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, especially since it was the first project of its kind I'd ever done. I used heirloom white spray paint because the furniture is not quite white-- it's creamier than that. I was a little nervous about trying to match it exactly but I didn't think I had much choice other than to try because there was already a lot of color going on. The color ended up being perfect!

The desk area is going to have to stay looking like this for a while, though.

I thought this cupcake fabric was super-cute and went really well with the feel of her room. The vintage paper dolls and her yellow gingham bedding really tie in well with it.
(Okay, maybe I just like cupcakes)


amberlee said...

You're killing me! lol.

cayce said...

I hope that means you like it. :)

Rachel said...

Love it! Good job!

Alesia said...

Love the cupcakes. Happy, cute room. My very favorite little girl room ever :) Katie is so fortunate!