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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As I said earlier, my parents have been visiting. Saturday before they arrived, I had a pretty good yard sale day with BabyCakes, though.
Here is just one of my many great finds of the day.
Pretend that there are LOTS of pencil/pen marks on it and it is overall dirty. ( I forgot to take a pic until after I cleaned it.) I thought for sure I was going to have to paint it because it looked so nasty. My Mr. Clean eraser earned it's keep, though! I removed the handles (they were ugly up close) and replaced them with some hemp twine that I had on hand.

I've always struggled with storage of bills and other things that I don't necessarily want to put away but that I also don't want left out in the middle of the counter. I used to use a large bowl on the island but that became too much of a catch-all for anything and everything else. When I saw this -- bead board and all -- I knew it was PERFECT for a sort of mom's office station in my kitchen. The $2 asking price didn't hurt, either.

I also got the green vase for 50 cents and now I put spare change and pens in it. Those are BigBoy's vitamins in the container on the right. Now I have the things I want to remember at hand, just not in a conspicuous manner.

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