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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lighting up my kitchen

A month or so back when I was really in a trash-to-treasure phase, I came across this dingy old brass lamp in a thrift store. It was dirty and had a lamp shade left over from the 80's but I liked its size and shape and knew I wanted it for the bar in my kitchen. I paid the one dollar asking price and left them the shade to sell to someone else.

This project was really simple. I just taped off the top of the cord and also the light switch unit and then hit it with a couple coats of a nice, multi-surface white spray paint I already had on hand.
I found this small shade at target for $10. I could have gone cheaper and bought a white or green one for $7, or even cheaper and looked at yardsales for one, but I was ready to finish the project and a little tired of yardsales. Besides, I really like this shade. I think the lamp looks pretty cute for $11. At night when I turn it on it gives the kitchen a very homey feel.

I sat out a crystal bell that was presented to J's mother when they were stationed Germany and also a tiny print of Neuschwanstein Castle that she purchased while they there. I was lucky enough to visit Neuschwanstein on a European trip I took with my highschool the summer after I graduated, so the print is very sentimental to me.

Filling my home with only the things we need and/or love is something I learned from Mrs. D. Now that some of her things are in my kitchen, not only does she have a presence in our hearts, but also in the heart of our home.

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