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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some changes

First off, there are a lot of pictures in this post but none of the children. Sorry, grandparents!
Also, long post ahead!

Today after picking BigBoy up from "camp" (basically a 2-week VBS), we went to HomeGoods to check out the lamp shade situation. Now that my walls are no longer Burnt Plum (the wound is still fresh), my gold lamp shade wasn't working for the dining room anymore. I think the new wall color is "Pebble Courtyard" but I call it Caucasian -- or Seinfeld, whatever my mood.
Here is a tease of my "new" dining room. I am really happy with the "second cheapest curtain panels Target has to offer" window treatments I now have. I haven't had curtains in my whole life. The most I ever had was a valence in a couple rooms. I think the house looks very homey now.

While we were there I saw this art thing that was broken and marked on clearance. It was $8 on clearance but I asked at the register if I could get it for $5 because it had completely come apart, and they said Yes.

I didn't like the fish on the tile part but I wanted the square shape for my calendar.
I don't particularly care for things to be displayed on my fridge. My Grecian friend Dimitra who lives in England sent me a calendar she bought in Venice during a trip (jealous, right?). I still want to display the pictures that go along with the month somehow, but not sure how. Notice all the languages "July" is written in? Also, the European calendar starts with Monday instead of Sunday and progresses vertically instead of horizontally.

I merely attached the month of July page to the fish tile with some hidden scotch tape and used twine to help hold it in place/make it look better. Now when it comes time for August, I will simply untie the twine and tape in the new month.
I was trying so hard to make this work with an existing frame but all mine were rectangular. When I saw this thing at HomeGoods I just knew it would work.

I take it back, I do have a picture of one of the kids. This is BigBoy (in my sunglasses) after leaving HomeGoods, what he calls a "mommy store."

I couldn't leave the wall blank on this side of the bar. The top dish hanging from a ribbon I purchased at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for 50 cents. The Faith sign I already had from a misguided idea to decorate above my cabinets (there is less than no room, it turns out), and the bottom plate was previously metal and I bought it at a thrift store. I wish I had a before picture. It was silver and all kinds of scratched and nasty. I just cleaned it a bit and used cheap white spray paint since it won't be handled regularly. Then I used some of the twine i had on hand to hang it by. Oh and I paid 89 cents. :)

Those are my new green panels to the right. Can you tell that I've been on a redecorating kick? :)
I couldn't have done it without J. He installed all the new faux-wood blinds I bought for the living/dining/kitchen area AND all the rods for the curtains the very next night. He's so good to me. :)

I had to mention this: My vegetable prints my mom gave me and I had framed, are soooo me. Well, aside from them being vegetables. Now if they were desserts on the other hand... :) Check out some of the captions:

My parents are coming in this weekend and I can't wait to see what BigBoy talks them into doing. There has been much talk of a certain "fire sword" (?????) available for purchase at the Lego store. All week his response to my "No's" has been "my granny and gramps let me ______." Hahahaha, I plan on feeding him pixie sticks and chocolate milk for breakfast and then unleashing him on them.
Just kidding... about the pixie stick thing anyway. ;)
They ARE a couple heart patients, after all.

Happy HOT weather to you, and go find a great bargain or make new use of something you already have! Send me pics of your deals or transformations and I'll share them!

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