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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jordan Lake with the boys

Yesterday around mid-morning we went to Jordan Lake with our friends/neighbors Miss Kelly and her boys James and Noah. After some swimming the boys moved on to playing in the sand.

The biggest boy of the big boys: handsome Noah.

BabyCakes did well but was ready for a nap after a couple hours.

BigBoy is 6 mos older than cutie James so the boys are all around the same age. They were nice to share their floatation devices with him at the lake. I thought for sure he wouldn't want to swim but I guess seeing his buddies do it gave him courage. :)

This is how BOYS do BEACH.

We had a nice time. Unfortunately a sudden headache turned even more suddenly into a migraine while we were eating our picnic lunch. We had to leave before BigBoy could enjoy the playground and I ended up getting sick at a park on the way home. :(
J came home early and I was feeling better within a few hours, though. He's such a good husband and father. He's a very private person, though, so I intentionally do not mention him much on this blog, but I don't want that omission to be taken for a lack of participation on his part or appreciation on mine.
Today I'm especially grateful for him and our love because today is our 9th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you!!!

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