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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I took the kids to the mall this morning, mostly so I could see the look on BigBoy's face when we got to the Lego store. (We also had a little Father's Day shopping to do.) He loooooves all the displays and asked for star wars legos about, oh, a gajillion times. I'm not stupid, I knew if we went there I would end up buying something. We ended up getting a 3-pack of star wars lego men that fit on lego magnets. Here he is with a shadow storm trooper.

BabyCakes was content in her stroller for the most part-- no small miracle in my family. At lunch in the food court it was a little tricky feeding her and myself while sharing a plate of chinese food with BigBoy, but no one went hungry.

Whenever the blindingly bright flash on my phone goes off, BabyCakes' eyes get HUGE:

I was going to cram the 3 of us in a photo booth but the one I stopped at was broken. :( These camera-phone pics will have to do.
It was a nice outing. Before we left our house, during the drive, and on the way in to the mall, I warned BigBoy about 300 times that YES we were going to see star wars legos, but we were only getting something small today -- IF he behaved.
It worked. We had a great morning and I got to hear "Wow!" several times. I just hated that J couldn't be there with us.

I love my job. :)

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Alesia said...

We really don't tell people enough how we feel do we? You and I know thow quickly that can be taken, don't we? Love the post!!!BTW, I love you and your family!!