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Thursday, July 7, 2011

NC Science Center

As I mentioned earlier this week, Sunday we took a little drive to Greensboro, NC for a visit to the NC Natural Science Center. It was kind of like a small zoo mixed with a science museum.
We had never been there and when we found out they had tigers we knew we had to go.
Admission was half price because we are zoo society members, and I've told you what zoo nerds we are before.

We started our tour outside because we knew the day would heat up fast. We saw tortoises first thing. (Remember Mort? Mort, was cool.)

These were African tortoises and another type I couldn't pronounce so I can't remember it. :)

One tortoise started trying to flip another one over. A sign said that they do this when they are feeling territorial. As small as their environment is, I'd think Mort's cranky doppelganger would be over it by now.

Oh and BabyCakes does NOT like riding in the stroller anymore.  I can't really blame her.  You can see so much more when you are out of it.

It wasn't long before we either had to go home or let her jump ship the stroller.

Occassionally she had to be reminded that if she wouldn't hold hands she wasn't going to walk, though. Clearly she took it all very seriously.

After checking out the other wild animals and the petting zoo area,

we went in the air conditioned areas of the Science Center.

We saw this guy, who terrified BigBoy (even though he has a "dinosaur room" at home).

And his much smaller cousin. (not so scary.)

There was other stuff, too, but I didn't take many indoor pictures, and I don't think you really care anyway. :)

It was a nice outing and we will probably go back sometime.

The hubs and I feel quite the kinship with zookeepers these days.

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Gramps said...

Looks like a neat place. Always liked to take you girls to places like this. Love ya,