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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ok, maybe it was creepy after all.

Ok ok, I know I've been MIA lately, but I have good reason.  Well, not really but we're going to pretend I do.

- It's summer (as if the oven you step into when you walk out your door wasn't reminder enough--at least here in the South) but yet BigBoy is in school full-time (and LOVING it, of course), so BabyCakes and I have been having fun being busy bees girls.  

- I also have a kitchen project underway.  

Oh and we finally hung curtains in our bedroom.  And in BigBoy's room (on his closet).  
More pictures.  Soon.  Promise.
For now here's BigBoy enjoying the formerly-cat-resembling-dessert I gave him on his first day of school

I promise it looked cute & tasty, not what-the-heck-is-eating-creepy, in real life.

Check back tomorrow for "WW Wednesday."  I have a task I'd like your help with.


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