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Friday, July 1, 2011

Whiting-out my (bedding) mistakes

Like many people, my bedroom has become the last room in my house to be "finished."
I thought I was done a couple years ago with this look:

But it had issues. I got the lamps and bedding at Linens n Things at their Going out of Business sale. The gold lamp shades ended up clashing with the wall color and the cheapo comforter was coming apart on the underside. We didn't even use it at night. I had to fold it up and lay it to the side.
Also, the poster over the bed was okay, but J always said he wished we had one of my photographs up there.

So anyway, after a few changes, now we're at this:
(And I love it!)

I already had white bed sheets and so I just bought an inexpensive down-alternative comforter. I've always thought white fluffy beds looked so inviting.
Next I hunted around for almost a year (you think I kid) at yard sales, thrift stores, and anywhere that sells lamps. I really wanted to do it on the cheap but I very much did not want to buy yet another pair of lamps that weren't my favorite.
I ended up buying the lamps and shades at Target and never looked back. I'm thrilled with them!

The pillow was a recent HomeGoods find. I wanted something for my bed that was comfy, not pricey, and went with my beach photograph above the bed without being matchy-matchy. The design kind of reminds me of the sun but I see at is more of a nondescript botanical and I've told you I love those before.
I'm currently working on the other walls of the room. (I still have window treatments and wall art to finish up...and I've lived in this house for 3.5 years!) I'll show them to you as I get them completed.

I love that all I have to do in the morning is straighten out the blanket, adjust the pillows a bit, and throw the "pretty" one on top real quick. It takes literally less than 10 seconds and happily greets me when I walk in the room.
Simple and pretty, just how I like it.



A Bunch of Hicks said...

Love it! We have a white room too! I bought a white quilt from Target, but that is about as far as I have gone with it. Like you said other rooms first.... I love the picture about your bed. I have (seriously) no art work in my house that is not a picture I took or of family that someone else took! I just don't believe in it. ;-)
(Even Jackson's old room- the train posters- I took the pic)
Love your room and love the orange!!

Melissa said...

That looks great, Cayce! Love the pillow too. Nice pop of color and it looks like a coral print that ties in with the ocean pic over your bed!

Kelly said...

I want a white bed too, but our room is that burnt orange color....i'm afraid it will have too much of a UT theme. Love yours. I'm jealous of your normal wall color. I wish almost everyday that our room was a real light, light blue. I'll have it one day, even if I have to do it all by myself!

elise said...

love it :O) so relaxing and fresh.