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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where did the time go?

Hey!  I hope everyone is having a good afternoon.  Sorry I haven't been around much lately but here's a few notes for the bored/grandparents:

BigBoy is loving Kindergarten.  He says it is the "greatest school ever" and has already lost his lunchbox.  I'd say we're in the full swing of things.

BabyCakes is getting over an ear infection and continues to terrorize the villagers, aka, BigBoy, J, Rapunzel, and myself.  Her exuberance for life is rivaled only by her cuteness.  (Two different people told me she looked like Shirley Temple today.  Let me enjoy it before she insists on only wearing basketball shorts and ratty t-shirts everywhere, m'kay?)

Rapunzel escaped her tower  aquarium in the middle of the night but was recaptured using a chocolate chip cookie.  (She's such a girl.)

I'm having another migraine-filled summer while these temps stay in the high-90's.  Like, where-is-a-guillotine-when-you-need-one, bad migraines.  Ah Fall, how I miss thee...

Okay, back to business.

Participation in the 20 in 20 Challenge will remain open for the duration of the event, but please go ahead and jump on the bandwagon if you have leanings toward doing so!

These are the people who've told me they are participating:  (If you know any of them, please encourage them when you see them!)

Cayce D. (Hi!)
Casey B.
Melissa N.
Becky T.
Daddy Bryan P.
Stacy H.
Stacey K.
Ally F.
Alesia M.
Sally P.
Molly O.
Jane J.
Ann B.

That's right, there's 14 of us now!
Be sure and check-in in the comments section of tomorrow's WW Wed post and let us know how your week went, what worked well for you, and/or to support other participants!
Spread the word!  People can join at any stage of the challenge.  That's one of the big things that has helped me rid myself of 53 pounds so far -- you can start any time you want.  Why wait until Monday, tomorrow morning, or even your next meal?
Healthy changes can begin any time YOU decide.
If you make less-healthy choices of food or behavior, reflect on the outcome and MOVE ON.  That's all it is -- a choice.  Good or bad,  it doesn't determine who you are as a person or what your future holds for you.

See you all tomorrow!  I'll try to have my post up by noon EST.

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