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Thursday, July 14, 2011

BigBoy goes to Kindergarten

Today was BigBoy's first day of school.
(Only three other kids were there with him all day, but it was his first day, nonetheless.)

He was, as predicted, super-excited this morning. He wore his backpack around the house for an hour in anticipation of the big event.


When we arrived at the school, I took his hand and walked him the long walk to his classroom.
His tiny little hand, still willing and eager to hold mine... it felt more like I was the one being led into the strange, new world.

About 20 feet from the door, in the shadow of his new teacher and her classroom, I knelt down and told BigBoy that his father and I love him and will always be proud of him, and hugged and kissed him.
Then I slowly stood up and took his hand for the remaining steps to our next phase of life.
Very quickly and unceremoniously BigBoy was welcomed and ushered off to new friends and activities. I managed to give him a peck on the cheek before he ran off and never looked back.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

His teachers sent me packing just as quickly, though, probably in an attempt to prevent the separation anxiety I'm sure some children (and parents) feel in those circumstances.

I left the building and barely made it to the car before the hot tears bubbled out.
I ugly-cried for about 45 seconds, and then drove the strangely quiet drive home.

BigBoy LOVED school, of course.  He told me the same stories three times within an hour of picking him up.
The small child whose struggles with speaking in the past had his doctors questioning deafness, autism, and saying he was in the low-average range for educational development, was now telling me colorful tales of scavenger hunts and playground games.
He still has to work a little harder than others to communicate well, but never has a child been more ready for Kindergarten than BigBoy.

Monday is his first day with all his new classmates.
He's going to learn so much this year.

I think we all are.


Alesia said...

Very eloquently written and expressed!! Each new phase brings on exciting things as your children grow into independent adults...love them every step of the way, and they will be just fine and so will you! My saying is "God gives you your children to raise to be independent adults and if you do so, you have done a good job!"

Cayce said...

That is a good saying and a worthy goal!

Melissa said...

He looks so excited and proud! How exciting for him - and for you and J, too!

shelley said...

I'm so glad he had a good time. You will adjust. In six months or so you will be wishing his time off was shorter! It's definitely a harder adjustment for mom. It's so nice to see BigBoy growing up. Thanks for the pics!

Jana said...

He is so sweet! So glad he had a great day! The amount they learn in kindergarten is amazing! So fun to watch!