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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zoo mornings

Sunday we went to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. We have a family pass, so we only do half the zoo at a time. Sunday we hit the Africa side.

This is the view from the bridge to the entrance. Beautiful, isn't it?

The weather was perfect and because we got there pretty early, it was nice and quiet.

This is a zoo where you have to do a little walking to see the animals. I've been to the older style (like the one in Columbia, SC we visited a couple months ago) where you see lots of animals quickly but their habitats are very, very small. I'll gladly get a little exercise if it means the animals have more space to roam.

BabyCakes was happy to relax in her stroller. This time next year she'll probably want to toddle around. :)

I always feel happy at the NC Zoo. Meandering through the trees on a beautiful morning while hearing the sounds of nature.

Encouraging a curiosity about the world and all it contains... definitely one of my favorite tasks as a parent.

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