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Monday, September 20, 2010

Yesterday afternoon while BabyCakes was napping and BigBoy was dozing on the couch, I slipped out to the front porch with a baby doll (BigBoy's patience has grown thin) to practice using my camera in the Manual mode. While I was out there, my next-door-neighbor Miss Melissa came over. She has two sweet baby girls -- one just born in August -- and she wanted to share with me her oldest' favorite book.

That's right, Baby Cakes! After I commented on the astonishing lack of teeth marks on her book, she told me this was one she was giving to my own BabyCakes.
So nice of her! Thanks again, Miss Melissa!

It's the cutest little book.
In case you can't read it, this page says "Nibble little Baby Cakes on the feet. Oh, my little Baby Cakes tastes so sweet!"

Yes, you do taste sweet, BabyCakes!

Well, most of the time... when you aren't gross, that is. :)

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