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Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, yes, it's been almost a week. Moving on...

BabyCakes is extremely mobile right now. And by "mobile" I mean she's ripping apart the 7 magazines that have been sitting on my nightstand for weeks. Mmm, Time and Southern Living taste so good!

When innocent publications aren't being annihilated, BigBoy's toys are usually the next-best thing. We've made sure to keep his choking-hazard toys behind his gated doorway, but the trains have remained in the living room.

Don't you looove the oh-so-stylish rubbermaid bin that we keep them in?

Luckily, BigBoy is pretty indulgent when it comes to her curiosity about his toys. (We have had a couple times that his "No, Baby" was a bit too firm or physical, but on the whole he is extremely patient with her.)
He LIKES to play with her for the most part.

(I know you are wondering.
Yes, that is a basketball jersey. A Tim Duncan - Spurs jersey.
BigBoy wore it too.
I know. At least she has a hairbow in.)

Do you think they'll always want to spend Sunday afternoon playing trains with their parents?

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