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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Behind these Blue Eyes

BabyCakes, you have been an angel baby. Born with a true knot in your umbilical cord, it's amazing that you survived and thrived. You are taking a nap right now, so I'm going to make a few predictions for our near future with you:

I think you will never throw tantrums. You will happily put away your toys when asked and socks will never "hurt" your feet.

You will eagerly brush your teeth and hang up your wet towel after bathing. After putting your pajamas on without asking, you will request to go to bed early.

You will always wear the cute outfits I pick out and you will never chew gum in church.

You will never embarrass me in a grocery store and will leave every hair bow I put in your hair, right where it was placed.

And last but not least, you will shatter all my delusional expectations and leave the world better for the fact that BabyCakes was here.

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