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Friday, September 17, 2010


This post is purely gratuitous baby pictures. For grandparents' eyes (or anyone else who can handle it) only.

Here are some Before, During, and After pictures of our trip to target this morning.

Notice the addition of a hair bow? I saw a set of them on clearance and, come on, it matches her outfit perfectly.

So I straightened out the few curls she had long enough for a bow to clip to, and we were in business.

I gave her a bowl of puffs and she proceeded to eat the bowl, dumping the puffs all over the floor.
Oh how I miss Kodi...

Oh and here is the ONE picture of BigBoy where he is not hiding from the camera.
He has on his new WKU tee that we got while we were in. After trying to shrink washing it, it's still huge a bit large. He loves it though.

Ok well, don't say I didn't warn ya. No sweet stories, no philosophical pondering, not even a reorganized closet. Just straight up baby pictures.
I may not have the key to world peace, but I do have the key to a grandparent's happiness. :)


Rachel said...

Love the one of BC in the shopping cart. Good to see you guys today. Tell BB I'm sorry he'll never see the head of his Lego man again. Remind me to tell you what Biz said about that!!

shelley said...

Loved the pics. Of course, the kids already have my heart. I miss them so much.