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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bedroom Closet: Take Two

I bought a cool wooden desk chair at a yard sale last weekend for $10. I paid the full asking price and everything! I thought I wanted to use it at my bedroom computer desk, but I ended up not liking the fat that it doesn't recline and it was going to take a good amount of work to change the color to something that would match the room a little better. Not a problem if it's worth it, but not worth it in this case.
So there sat the chair.

Now let's jump over to the fact that we moved the cedar chest (a former resident of the closet) to another room. I suddenly had space in the closet again.
What to do? What to do? Something just felt incomplete. This is the what the closet looked like. (Blech. Why is it so hard to keep closets tidy?)

And THIS is what it looks like now!

Oh yeah, you know you're jealous. Almost 7 square feet just. for. me. (J, I know you are dying of embarrassment over my excitement right now. Sorry, you knew I was a dork when you married me.)

I have a little vanity area for all 3 of my beauty products (mascara, moisturizing lipstick that occasionally gets used, and the much needed (but rarely used) concealer):

An easy-to-snatch area for my camera, crafting/decorating/yard sale stuff:

Basically I just rearranged all my stuff that has no real home but well, makes me happy. Now it is contained and on much is on display so I now know my inventory a bit better.

I should mention that I didn't buy anything extra to do this. It was all done with what I already owned. I'll go into detail on some of the projects another time, but for now, you can just enjoy this picture again. :)

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