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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today was another pleasantly "normal" day for us. After BabyCakes' morning nap, we made the beautiful drive to Biz and LadyBug's house.
We spend 30 minutes driving smooth roads through a lake-covered, green part of Carolina. Blue skies and bridges -- BigBoy (ever the (un)cooperative car-rider) even enjoys gazing out the windows and pointing out water birds and boats.

After a nice visit (as always) with the girls we headed back so BabyCakes could get another nap (I tried at Biz' house and it wasn't hap'nin!). Of course both of the kids decided to nap in the car on the way home so I ended up driving around a bit so they could sleep. Usually I would just go ahead and get them out of the car, but BigBoy so rarely naps that I really wanted him to get one for a change.

I've been so focused on getting other things done lately that BigBoy hasn't had a lot of attention. Today I changed that and there were puzzles, racecars, and markers involved in the mix. We gave BabyCakes some baby apple sauce. She ate about 6 bites -- much better than her rejection of rice cereal. :)

As I type, J is roughhousing with BigBoy on the bed behind me. I just took this picture. BigBoy is upside down. :)

I swear the child has no idea he is only 32 pounds soaking wet! In his mind he is every bit his father's physical equal.

Okay, I'm off to pry my child off his father... wish me luck. :)

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