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Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Happy Mommy's Day!" BigBoy told me this no less than a dozen times this weekend. I was showered with flowers, chocolate (in 3 forms) and lots of love and appreciation. I'm lucky that, aside from the gifts, it wasn't that unusual. My boys have always been free with their words of love and gratitude. I know how rare and special that is, though, and I try not to take it for granted.

Apparently BigBoy picked out the flowers. Red and orange carnations and pink somethings (you know this "filler flower"). :) I was happy to spread them around the house. Now I have flowers in my kitchen, living room, and even my bathroom. Flowers of any kind always make mommy happy. Chocolate is 2nd on my list of smile-makers, as far as gifts go, anyway.

This morning we went to Bob Evans for a big ole breakfast and then had a beautiful drive to the zoo. We did the lesser-seen Africa side today. It was in the 60's and could not have been prettier outside so there were a lot of people with the same idea. We had a nice time as we usually do. BigBoy alternated between angellic and whiny, though. One minute he's begging to have his picture taken and then next hiding from the camera, but I think that's normal for this age.

BabyCakes was happy to suck/chew/slobber on Daddy's finger during her "ride." J sure got a workout carrying her up and down those hills!

Here is a rare picture of me with one of my children. :) He doesn't even really have his eyes open but it was the best one.

1 John 4:12 says "No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and is made complete in us."

I know I won't be able to spend every Mother's Day with both of my children. I know they won't want to hug me tight over and over telling me they love me and that I'm the "sweetest Mommy ever."

I'm going to enjoy it while I can, though. That's really the only thing we can do in life -- love deeply and work hard to better the lives of those we love. Luckily for me those people are a husband and two children who make every day "Mommy's Day."


Alesia said...

How right you are. Hang on to those days that you spend with them.....my mother's day was rather unusual.... Jordan had to work 10 hours and of course Jesse was in Louisville....so my mother's day was spent childless....except that are forever in my heart.....

After we went to church, I tried to read the paper outside, but it was too windy...so came in and read some of it before a nap took over. Then James and I went to Bradley's open house and I got a couple of plants and then home. James grilled a steak for me and I fixed a very veggies and Ted came for supper. Best part, James cleaned the kitchen up!!! :) It was a nice day all in all..... A

Anonymous said...

awwww! casey i love this blogggg
i wanna meet your behbeh!!!! haha