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Monday, May 24, 2010

Impromptu Myrtle Beach Trip

Thursday we came to an agreement with our neighbor, who has been painting the exterior of our house, to paint over the interior burnt plum walls as well. It was our living, dining, and kitchen and if you saw how much edge work there was you would have wanted someone else to do it, too! Less than 24 hours later we were on the road to Myrtle Beach. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and J had never been there so we found a hotel, prepped the walls/ rooms for painting, bought the paint and swimsuits for the kids, packed some bags, and hit the road. Whew!

We went to the Ripley's Aquarium, the beach, etc. BigBoy loved the "super-big" fishing store. It was his first time at a Bass Pro Shops and he had to have a net even though in all their time fishing together, he and J have only caught one fish. :) He had great fun with it all weekend.

RIGHT after we found our spot on the beach, BigBoy had to pee. J trucked him all the way back up to the hotel room so BabyCakes and I had some alone time relaxing on the blanket.

She did so well. (Don't worry, she wore a hat a lot but it had just gotten wet when it flew off her head into the ocean.) I BATHED her (and BigBoy) in SPF 50 because they are MY children, after all.

She didn't get scared at all. Not the noise of the ocean nor the cold of the water. What a little sweetie. By the way, I didn't take my nice camera, only my point-and-shoot because I didn't want to risk getting sand in the lens and also because I primarily am enjoying my family, not taking pictures.

BigBoy has never been really into swimming in the ocean. He's more of a throw shells/make sandcastles/get your feet wet kind of beach kid.

J must have made this walk to the water 20 times. They had to have a moat, of course. It eventually just became a hole of water. :)

I was laying on my side next to BabyCakes a lot of the time so this was usually my view. :)

Did you know monster trucks are beach toys? hmm...

Back at the hotel. The kids are now clean and sand-free. We were looking at menus to find some delivery for dinner. Let me narrate the scene:
BabyCakes - Squeel, spit-bubble, coo!
BigBoy - Ahh! She's got my hair! Baby Girl let go!
I was mostly laughing because up until this point BigBoy had been jumping all over us (J and I) and now it was his turn to get picked on. I freed him from her grasp soon after.
I asked J to take our picture at first because I was cuddling sweetly with both the kids, but then it turned into this and I am happy it did because this is more "us."

All in all we had a great weekend! Next time we will stay in a different hotel but does it get better than going to the beach and returned home to half your house painted by someone else?! I still can't believe how blessed I am.

Okay, I'm off to 7 loads of laundry, touch-up painting the white trim, and cleaning everything so I can put our living areas back together. At least I still have Krispy Kremes we brought back from the beach!


amberlee said...

Aw I loved your plum walls! lol

And K's swimsuit... adorable.
Glad you all had a fun weekend! I love spontaneous trips :)

cayce said...

I did too but we are putting the house on the market and didn't think everyone would want half their house to be plum. :(
I've been following your cale updates. So glad issues are improving!
Good luck with the tests.