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Friday, May 7, 2010

Look at what I just got for Mother's Day!

Bam! Yep, a nice black eye! It looks darker in person and is actually bruising more as I type. :(
I was rough-housing with BigBoy in the living room floor. We were "fighting" with pillows (all the while holding BabyCakes in my other arm... BigBoy is very careful with her, actually.) and all of a sudden his rock-hard noggin met my eye. Usually I let J do the bulk of rough-housing in our house but I was feeling especially playful this morning. I immediately cried out and then BigBoy started bawling. I took a good 30 minutes for him to stop whimpering over it. He felt so awful he hurt me. I think it just scared him so see me cry like that, too.

Being a mother can hurt sometimes. :)


Sally said...

Nice Shiner...

Alesia said...

Looks kind of like the one your dad gave me when my eye met his head many, many moons ago playing hide and seek in his house!!!! :) Hope it doesn't hurt too badly.