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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 Finds

I paid $7 for this blue chair marked at $10. It used to be yellow and then they spray painted the whole thing -- cushion included. ?? Who does that? Anyway, I don't care.

I bought the chair for the quirky details. It's going to go in BabyCakes' room with her desk. Right now the desk is a changing station but that won't be the case forever.
I actually liked the color of the chair - minus the cushion - but in combination with her wall color it was just too much. I put a coat of primer on it today so I hope to have the project complete this week.

This is a large poster frame with a "Tahiti" poster inside. I bought the frame (which looks worse in person) to paint white and use in BigBoy's room. We like to use posters in his room so he can change things up over time (right now we have dolphins and penguins) but I don't like the cheap look of plastic poster frames or not using one period. I think I can use the Tahiti poster in other projects in the future. I like the big postage stamp. This was $2.

I paid $2 for this frame. I think I'll end up using it in my living room but I'm not sure yet. I'm changing a lot of stuff around right now.

This 80's-style mirror I bought for $2 and plan on attacking it with white paint for the frame and chalkboard paint for the glass. I want to hang it on the other side of my bar in the kitchen. I've never used chalkboard paint but I'm really looking forward to this project.

This is another looks-worse-in-person frame I am going to paint for use in BigBoy's room. $2.

I also wanted to mention that all my yardsale finds are currently being stored in my bedroom closet. J hung this 50 cent file holder I bought so I can store magazines with pictures I like/ things for inspiration. If I stack magazines or put them in a drawer I'll forget about them. I still think there is a craft in these pretty magazine covers. I saw one making over clip boards but I don't have a use for a clip board. Any ideas? I also just wanted to show you how much I dislike unused space. This is hung over my laundry basket inside my closet.

Check back later this week for some (hopefully) completed projects. It looks like the rain will finally arrive here tomorrow so my chair may have to wait a bit, though. To my TN/KY people, I hope you dry out soon!

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amberlee said...

We have chalkboard paint in our playroom. We have liked it well enough. The chalk doesn't come off as well as it should. I won't do it again, but they have used it enough to make it worth it. We also painted magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint so we can hang things there too :)